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We are pleased to introduce our new version of the popular AgencyCentral Intranet that is now used in over 400 agencies throughout the United States and Canada.  It's still the original intranet product designed especially for insurance agencies like yours, but now it's even better because it takes advantage of all the powerful features in Windows SharePoint Services, which is included in Windows Server 2003 and 2007.  With AgencyCentral SP, you can:
  • Edit intranet (HTML) pages without having to use Microsoft FrontPage
     ... Click on the "Edit Content" link at the top of page to open a Rich Text Editor

  • Create discussion boards, bulletin boards, surveys and task lists for everyone to use
    ... Enhances team collaboration.
    ... Survey results can be viewed graphically

  • Build document libraries with version control
    ... Specify whether a backup copy, or version, is created each time you edit a file

  • ... Upload and share documents in virtually any format including Word, Excel, PDF, TIF and text

  • Set up individual email alerts to notify your staff when documents have been updated

  • Create calendars and contact lists that can be shared within Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 without the need for Exchange Server

  • Allow your bookkeeper to build a Frequently-Asked Questions knowledgebase for quick reference of many accounting questions

  • Control the distribution of sensitive information with Content Approval
    ... Sections can be configured to require approval of anything posted before it becomes "live"

  • Store information such as producer license numbers and expiration dates, continuing education credits, and other hard-to-find details in a single place

  • Create customized views using filtering, grouping, sorting, field choosing and field ordering

  • Create an interactive Tips Library for your agency's favorite topics

  • And so much more!  Click here for versions and pricing information

Contact Paul Reynolds today at 978-499-1897 for an online demo.