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Give Your Intranet a Makeover!

Is your AgencyCentral Intranet looking tired and a bit outdated?  In just a few hours, we can access your intranet using our Remote Helpdesk software and give it a complete makeover. 

AgencyCentral has evolved over the years and, depending on when you installed your intranet, some of these features may already be an integral part of your intranet.   Nonetheless, every agency can benefit from a periodic "sprucing up".  The list at the right reflects some of the more dramatic changes that have taken place during the past few years.  We're happy to make other changes, such as font and color schemes, new images, or whatever else you have in mind.

All you need to provide is a workstation running Microsoft FrontPage (version 2002 or higher, please) with access to your intranet.  We will use our Remote HelpDesk software to connect to that workstation and copy your intranet to our staging server on the Internet.  After making the changes that you requested, we will  send you a link so you can review the updated intranet before we put it back on your server.  Once you're satisfied with the changes, we will use our Remote HelpDesk again to publish the updated HTML pages and graphics back to your network.  In many cases, this entire process can be done in a single day with minimal impact on your staff.

We encourage you to review the new features listed here and contact our support department with any questions you might have.

Updated home page

Better access to carrier info

New folder tabs

Interactive calendar

Reference Library section

Procedures Manual section

Updated Tips Library

Updated forms in a new structure

New random quotes

New page format for branch offices