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Contacts Directory

Find a phone number or email address quickly in the Contacts Directory.  We provide blank pages for you to use for keeping track of your agency-specific information.  These directories are provided in easy-to-update tables that can be customized to meet your needs.  The standard pages listed below are used to:

Agency Directory ... lists all of your employees, along with their department, telephone extension, email address and home/mobile phone numbers.
Insurance Companies ... takes you to the Insurance Companies Home Page, which contains individual pages for each of your insurance carriers.  These pages can be used to store company-specific information.
Claims Services ... list all of your claims-related services, along with their mailing address, telephone/fax numbers and web site address.
Reference Contacts ... list all of the contacts that you refer to for other reasons, such as users groups, consultants, etc. along with their mailing address, telephone/fax numbers and web site address.
Speed Dial Numbers ... index of your speed dial numbers, along with the name and telephone number.
Vendors ... list of the vendors that you buy your supplies and services from, along with their mailing address, telephone/fax numbers, account number and web site address.
The intranet is structured in such a way that you can add virtually an unlimited number of pages or entries per page to this directory. If you have the information stored in Word or Excel documents, you can either convert them to HTML-formatted pages or link directly to the documents themselves.