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How Things Work

  • Shortly after your payment is received, we send you an email directing you to this page so you can download the above documents.

  • Using information avaiable from your contact information and web site, we set  up your intranet as a WIP a "work-in-progress"  on our intranet web server.  An email is sent with the link to this site so you can refer to it as you determine how best to use your customization time.

  • We recommend that you start by reviewing the overall structure of the intranet.  We can change the tabs to reflect the same departmental structure as your agency for example, Personal and Commercial instead of Service, HR instead of Internal.  Just let us know how you want the tabs set up and we'll do the rest.

  • Other good uses of your customization time:

    • List of your main insurance carriers

    • Employee directory

    • Employee handbook

    • Procedures and info sheets

  • As you send your documents and customization instructions to us, we will post our progress on the WIP intranet and send you an email, indicating how much customization time is remaining.

  • After the five hours of customization time are used up, we can do additional work on a billable basis or ship the intranet CD package to you.

  • When you receive the CD package, you will install the intranet on your network server.

  • You will also install Microsoft FrontPage or Microsoft Expression Web on any workstations that will be used to update and maintain the intranet

  • You now have 30 days of free telephone/email support so that you can call or email us with questions as you begin updating your intranet.

  • When the 30 days have expired, we will send you one final email, inviting you to consider signing up as an Agency Partner.  Many agents do this for a few months as a "safety net" while they continue to learn about updating and maintaining their intranets.