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If you’re like our other clients, your time is incredibly valuable.  You hate to waste it.  You certainly don’t want to waste time reading through this website if we’re not the right vendor for you.  Because our job is to help you be more productive, not less, we have provided contact information for some of our clients who have graciously allowed us to do so.  Feel free to contact them for candid answers to your questions about our company, employees, products and services.
Contact Telephone Services System
Connie Caputo
Wolf Agency, Inc.
716-662-6166 Custom Intranet, Agency Partnership, Web Design InStar
Erick Johnson
Johnson & Sons Insurance
515-275-2977 Custom Intranet, Hosted Intranet, Agency Partnership InStar
Kevin Milroy
BayRisk Insurance Brokers, Inc.
510-523-3435 Custom Intranet AMS
Nikki Michalik
Kersey Insurance & Investments
970-353-4660 Web Design InStar
Brian Morrison
Cal-Valley Insurance Services
559-225-1300 Custom Intranet, Hosted Intranet, Agency Partnership AMS
Bob Peloquin
Peloquin Insurance Agency
508-226-4076 Custom Intranet, Web Design Applied
Ellen Dale
Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance
  SharePoint Intranet AMS
Sharon Prothe
Elliott Insurance Group
913-837-5788 Custom Intranet, Hosted Intranet, Agency Partnership Applied
Jonathan Samel
Samel Insurance Agency
978-474-0810 Custom Intranet, Agency Partnership InStar
Mike Stromsoe
Stromsoe Insurance Agency
951-600-5751 Custom Intranet IRS-AIMS
Andrew Vargas
Ten Eyck Group
Custom Intranet, Agency Partnership InStar
Joni Wright
Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary, Inc.
502-736-0920 Custom Intranet, Web Design AMS